Why I invented NOEI(Nitrous Oxide Emergency Inhaler)?NOEI is a mask that carries two tanks of Nitrous Oxide.These tanks which are connected to the body carry an important piece:handles.When they put on the mask and grip, the sensors inside the handles are going to read heart beat,pressure of the grip(how nervous he/she is)and are going to communicate with the chip that has the control of releasing the right amount of gas through the pipes.When determined it is going to open the ways to the tanks for the right amount. NO is going to calm the astronaut.Then when everything is normal,they will tell the chip to stop the ventilation and record the data.The data is going to be sent to NASA.During health checks throughout the mission,the crew are going to look over their data and see whats best for them.Tanks can be refiled from the spacecraft by simply unscrewing the lids of the tanks and letting the connecting tubes fill the tanks with the right amount of gas.(I have a full page of writing)

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