I created a medical syringe using 1.75mm PLA filament with a printing temperature of 205-225 C. Syringes are multipurpose medical tools, used for drawing blood and injecting medicine. Syringes come in many sizes and it can be bulky to pack multiple syringes of many sizes if you don’t know what size you will need. Certainly we hope that astronauts don’t get sick or injured but if they did, the correct size syringe dimensions can be quickly printed. Syringes can also be printed for regular medical testing to study how astronauts are living and their health. Syringes can be altered to fit a sterile medical needle or IV needles depending on need. Astronauts can easily print many different syringes out of a small supply of filament, which would be helpful if multiple injections are needed. A 3D printed syringe would be a useful and easily printed technology in planning for the medical needs on a journey to Mars. Also needed: Rubber to keep the plunger in and a sterile needle

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