My medical device is a pipette. It will be 3D printed so while in space so they can distribute small doses of medicine. Disposable pipettes cost 0.99 each so it would cost less to 3D print them each time they are needed. Also the pipettes would take up too much space depending on the sizes of them so it would be more efficient to 3D print them so it would save space on the rocket shuttles going to space. Having this extra space will allow more room for medicines and things that are unable to be 3D printed. The pipettes will have a clear base with a and a plastic piece at the end so it can suck in and drop out certain measures of medicine. It will be printed with all plastic. This medical tool will be useful so if anyone was sick the liquid for the medicine they need could be put in a pipette and placed somewhere else. Also a medical dropper will allow people to take certain doses of medication so no overdoses occur. Thus a pipette will be useful in space.

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