For my Mars challenge, I chose to make a pill box. The pill box will make the life on mars much more organized and easier throughout the day. It has seven different compartments for each day of the week. You will be able to organize the pills taken on each day of the week. This pillbox will help the people on Mars control the amount of medicine that they take and on what days they take it. It is simply just a box with seven holes in it that represent each day of the week. They each have a lid over the holes that you are able to take off and putt back on when needed. If you have to take a certain amount or different kinds of pills on different days, you will organize them into the day that you need them. The average person has 19 different medicines that they have to take each day, so this will help them be organized. This simple box will be able to drastically help people. For this you would use ABS plastic to print the pillbox.

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