The Auto-Suture is a medical skin stapler that can be used to close up large cuts and gashes. Many people would prefer if this tool was not needed, but accidents are prone to happen, especially on a three year trip to a mysterious planet. If needed, the Auto-Suture stapler could also be used to close a tear in a space suit; a quick, temporary repair that can prevent further damage until a permanent replacement is ready. The device is made of nylon, so it’s not very heavy, and the staples are made of a metal called titanium. This makes them durable and strong, but also fairly light. Hopefully a medical stapler would not have to be used on a space trip, which is why it would not be packed before lift off. But, if it is necessary, this would allow one to be 3D printed at any given time. Since the medical stapler is only a 6x6 tool, it’s portable and easy to carry around anywhere. Getting hurt on the job would hardly be a problem, thanks to the Auto-Suture medical skin stapler.

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