My super scissors are cutting edge. Similar to regular scissors but a little different! Super scissors have very sharp points on both ends. They are made out of silver, a durable metal that does not rust. These scissors are not like the ones you use at school, they are stronger and more powerful. I have created my super scissors for medical reasons. My scissors are a replacement of the scalpel because they are bigger and more efficient when it comes to cutting. Scalpels are knives with a small, sharp, sometimes detachable blade, as used by a surgeon. My scissors can cut 100 times sharper and much smoother than a stainless steel scalpels. They can also cut through something as delicate as a piece of thread. These scissors can also act like a screwdriver. You can tighten some loose screws with one side of the scissors. The sharpness of the blades are amazing, and so are the super scissors.

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