The Bone-A-Day™ is a pill that’s going to revolutionize how to be safe when we go to Mars! Here’s how the Bone-A-Day™ pill works is simple: when you pop the pill in your mouth, the pill will instantly strengthen the bone support of the bones and repairs the bones that are cracked. The capsules will be made out of gelatin, and the inside that capsule is lactose, or C12H22O11, combined with the power of calcium, so that way astronauts going to Mars can earn maximum bone support. The capsule can The Bone-A-Day™ pill will be 6 cm in length, 2.54 cm in width, and 1 cm in height. It’ll weigh about 340 g. The pill can be taken with good ol’ H2O, so there’s no need to wait. When the spaceship to Mars is launched, one container holding about 200 capsules will be sent. In conclusion, the Bone-A-Day™ pill will be a way for our bodies to be safe while exploring Mars.

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