For my Technology project I made a scalpel. Scalpels are mainly used for cutting things. The definition for scalpel is a knife with a small, sharp, sometimes detachable blade, as used by a surgeon. But my scalpel isn't just used by surgeons. This can be used for many things. This is also a knife you can use for self defence. If somebody ever attacks you this is good protection. This can also be used as a tooth pick. If you ever have anything stuck in your teeth you can use the scalpel to get out the piece of food stuck in his or hers teeth. My scalpel could also be used as a cutting knife. If you have a big piece of meat or any kind of food you can take out your scalpel and cut the meat into bite size pieces. When you hear the word scalpel you will probably think of the medical knife. This could also be used for that too. If a doctor needs to cut something on somebody's body in order to help them this a tool. My scalpel can be used for many things and can make life easier.

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