Almost 24 million Americans suffer from asthma. Asthma is a respiratory condition in which people have difficulty breathing. Astronauts are at a greater risk of getting asthma because there is no oxygen in space. The inhaler can be used if the astronauts start to have difficulty breathing. The inhaler is made of plastic, so it will be flexible and easy to use. This inhaler is one long rectangle connected to one short rectangle. Each rectangle has a hole at each end so that the medicine can go in one end, and you can receive the medicine at the other end. NASA can send up the medicine for the inhaler, and then the astronauts can put the medicine they need inside of the inhaler. The medicine for the inhaler can vary, so NASA will need to send up a couple different kinds of medicine. If NASA sends up different kinds of medicine, the astronauts will be prepared for many different situations. Inhalers have saved many lives and hopefully, if needed, it will save astronauts lives too.

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