Headaches, muscle pain, sore arms or legs, and cramps. The ice bag could be super important for the astronauts on the trip to Mars. The ice bag can be filled with the same gel as ice packs. Or cold water or hot water. The cold would be could for when the astronauts get headaches. The hot water could be used for cramps or muscle pain or whatever hurts on the astronauts sore body. Thin plastic would be used so that the ice bag is flexible. The materials that the astronauts put into the bag is the big blue part. The other whole is there so you can easily pour water into the ice bag. The big blue part would be placed on the astronaut wherever they need it. The ice bag lets the astronauts carry it around easily since it is small. It can also be placed where you need it, not around where you need it. People get headaches, muscle pain, cramps, and get sore everyday, depending on what they are doing. Astronauts could get headaches from stress or could get muscle pains from hard work.

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