The vita scanner is a way for astronauts to see if their body is developing a vitamin deficiency simply by scanning their pores. My invention can help solve vitamin deficiencies by first, showing the vitamin(s) you are lacking, second, showing how bad it is, and third, telling you what you need to get rid of this deficiency. Scott Kelly, a brave astronaut who was willing to go to space for a whole year said that after he was back to earth, his skin was sensitive. I did further research on this and saw that skin sensitivity is actually a reaction of a vitamin deficiency. In the process of my design process, I was about to create a long bar that you step against and it would simply scan your body, but after I found out about skin sensitivity, I decided to make our invention simply scan your pores. Astronauts don’t have time to deal with vitamin problems, so the vita scanner does the work for them.

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