My design is the EX2-MARS, a simple design that will make all the difference in space. As a relatively adaptable design, the EX2-MARS can be made custom to any person out of any material logicly used, the design is a simple snap together build that anyone can figure out. Being as easy as it is it can be made in a sinch. Just put together a leg piece and you have a splint for a broken leg. Snap leg ligament strait to make posts or pegs. If you think about it there are many ways you can use this design. It's just up to you. If you base this design on what we have now it is extremely possible and cheap to do. The material is recyclable so when one astronaut is done with it or needs a new piece they can use the broken or worn piece along with some fresh material to make the new piece, snap it in place, and be on his/her merry way.

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