One Traction Wheeled Chair The wheelchair only has one wheel. You may think that’s crazy, only one wheel but it’s not. That one wheel is made out of a Carbon and the tire has lots of traction. There are two handle bars at the top so you could be pushed around if you were to break your leg, etc. So if you broke your leg you could still make it out onto Mars, but you couldn’t really do much except carry things for your partners. And on the trip even if there is no use because of no injuries, it could be used to transport things very easily. You could store things on it and be able to push them around easily.The device itself is very light when nothing or no one is on it. This device also has two handle bars on the back for pushing. So if you break a leg you can still get pushed around out on Mars. This device only has one wheel because of zero gravity. So it should be easier

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