Astronauts can’t exercise on the trip to Mars. When they do, they don’t use their arm muscles. If astronauts have atrophy in space, then their muscles get weaker, and they can’t work very well. If they have atrophy, then they wouldn’t be able to do day- to- day tasks. Astronauts need to work their arm muscles, so my idea is to bring a metal dumbbell up to space, and use an opposing magnet to pump the dumbbell. When astronauts want to exercise arms, the astronaut would take the dumbbell and put it right under the magnet. The magnet would be the opposite pole than the metal dumbbell, and would be able to work against the magnet until the astronaut would be finished exercising. The model and magnet would be made out of magnets. The magnetic field wouldn’t be large enough to affect the space capsule. NASA says, “Physical exercise and control of posture are important for maintaining muscle mass and strength.”

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