My device is a set of tissue forceps, a type of tweezers used to grasp the inner tissue during surgery. These operations can be on any part of the body, from dental surgery to knee surgery. They can be used to stabilize soft tissue in the human form, so it will not get impaired during various types of medical procedures.. This metal tool is approximately 5.75 inches long. At the end of each side of tweezers has four small "teeth" at the end to better grip the tissue. This would be practical for the astronauts on the Mars Mission supposing they need several types of operations. They would not have to pack for this in the case that something happens, which would save them room for things of a greater importance. It would be much more beneficial on their end if they could 3D print all of their surgical tools. My 3D-printable tissue forceps would be a very advantageous and convenient device on this expedition to Mars, and they can print it when need be.

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