The name of my invention is a two in one tartar scraper/ toothbrush. This was made by me for daily health use in space. The toothbrush is for cleaning teeth so they do not rot or get a cavity. The toothbrush will make sure when you get home from space your teeth don't fall out. Then the tartar scrapper gets the plaque that you can't get with your toothbrush so there isn't a chance of toothaches,which can lead to tooth loss.Instead of doing 2 print sessions you can do one because it's a two in one. The materials that will be used to make this are gypsum for the toothbrush end because it is soft and stainless steel for the tartar scraper and bar that hold these together. On the one end there's a curved part. This is the scrapper for the plaque. It is curved to sharp so it can scrape. At the other end there is a rectangle which is the toothbrush. Then in the middle is a stainless steel bar. The research supports this device because astronauts cant suffer from tooth pain.

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