IV therapy is crucial because it provides an easy pathway to quickly administer fluids. However, IVs rely on gravity to maintain flow, a luxury not afforded in space. There is only one device able to produce a flow of IV fluid on the ISS: a pressure infuser. Unfortunately, they can only hold one bag, meaning that if more than one infusion was needed, the crew would have to improvise. Because of weight limits, I designed my device to use materials already on the ship. A blood pressure cuff is put into one side of the frame (ABS or PLA), and an IV bag is placed in the other. When inflated, the cuff forces the wall to slide, and the spring keeps pressure on the bag. The grid on the front panel allows the bag’s label to be read easily. Some medicines must be pushed slowly. In hospitals, this is done with a syringe pump, but there is no such device currently in space. My submission can also be used to slowly administer precise amounts of medicine from up to three syringes simultaneously.

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