Intracranial pressure is a big problem in space. On earth with normal gravity your brain fluid is balanced and your brain doesn’t have extra pressure. But when astronauts are on Mars with low gravity, the fluid doesn’t go down as much and intracranial pressure increases. This can be very dangerous. My invention solves this problem by combining ultrasound and glasses. UltraGlass is a pair of ultrasound glasses which detects too much pressure in the brain by measuring the diameter of the optical nerve sheath. If the diameter is higher than normal, it means there is increased intracranial pressure. If this happens, my invention shows a warning so that doctors can treat the astronaut. The astronaut closes their eyes after wearing the glasses so that each ultrasound transducer touches the closed eyelids and scans them. The images from the scan are sent to a software app on a mobile device using bluetooth or wifi. Ultraglass will be made out of ABS Plastic.

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