The medical device I chose to design for the Mars Medical Challenge is a monocle. A monocle is a lens that improves vision in one eye. It’s made up of a round lens, a frame around the lens made out of wire, that could contain a wire, chain, or handle. This device can have multiple functions in different situations. If the monocle contains a wire or chain, it can be attached to your clothing so you don’t lose it. When your monocle contains a handle, it can also be used as a magnifying glass. Monocles can be used for seeing close up or far away in one eye eliminating the need for full glasses. By manufacturing this device on a 3D printer you can have it printed when needed. This could be useful if you develop issues with your site because it would help to extend your space mission. The material that this device would be made out of would be plastic, making it more durable. I feel this device would benefit long-term space missions.

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