My device is a medical is a first-aid kit. There are a lot places they could be put on the ship because they are not big and don’t take up room. They are easy to spot out from the design. The color red pops out. If you get any cut or injury that isn't that serious the kit will help out alot. It will be full of wrap alcohol wipes and any other little things to help. When people are hurt they often forget they have have one, but if you put them it spots where they can be easily seen they would be used a lot more. If your get hurt in space, if you don't take good care of yourself in space it can become very serious. Without the right exercise and right care your time in space will be horrible. You have to be cautious of your daily life. It will be printed in plastic. People need to understand how to treat their bodies before they go into space. It will bad if you are not prepared to live under those conditions. First-aid kits are very important to people who have live in space.

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