My idea was that when the astronauts are in space, they will miss the taste of soda and candy and other beverages we have on earth. This design concept is that when the astronauts drink out of the lid or the nozzle, they will be drinking normal water but it will taste like something else. The water will filter through the lid or nozzle and would trick the astronauts into thinking that they’re drinking soda or any other beverage. The astronauts would be able to use these lids/nozzles as many times as they would like. The way that this concept helps the astronauts medically in space is that they will be missing earth and home so if they have something to bring them back to that feeling then that could help with their trip to mars. On my design, it shows a normal cup and lid that we would have on earth. There’s also a water bottle nozzle which would most likely be the kind of device they use to drink their water. They could use either design.

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