This sleek 3 inch long unfoldable handy kit will help you with all of your martian medical mishaps. The tool has five unfoldable attachments that are equipped to deal with most medical emergencies you would encounter on the trip to or whilst staying on the red planet. The first of these tools is a standard tongue depressor useful for many things such as examining the mouth and throat. The second attachment is a dental hook. The next instrument is a scalpel to be used in basic surgical procedures. The next attachment is a cotton ball holder that you can use with the scalpel. The final attachment is a carrier that you can use to carry the product on a keychain. The filament that should be used in this product is ColorFabb bronzeFill Metal Filament to allow it to be strong enough to be useful in the surgical field, yet it can also be printed. This tool will be able to be used in many situations to mars and could be a medical aset on the journey.

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