My submission hopefully would change the needs of astronauts when they go into space. The stethoscopes tubing would be hollow and made of Filaflex so you can bend it. With it being hollow the sound could travel through the tube and into the earpiece. Then the chestpiece could be made out of an aluminum so the sound could make an echo and repeat it through the tubing. The binaural piece which is usually the metal part connected to the earpiece would be aluminum just like the chestpiece. The last part of the stethoscope would be the earpiece which would be the same material as the tubing which was Filaflex. The use of this item is to check your heartbeat in space to see if you’re healthy. Also to check if you’re breathing through your lungs right and to listen to your blood flow. My instrument would be better to pick than anyone else’s because mine is comfortable for the ears and it would be fitted to your ears. Hopefully I could be picked to win this contest.

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