The construction of a finger splint is useful in many ways for astronauts traveling in space. A finger splint would help out an astronaut in multiple ways. Many challenges could occur while traveling in space. Consider the probability of you hurting your finger while continuing your day on a regular basis, the same thing could happen if you were in space! Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) would be the best choice and my favored choice to 3D print my created finger splint. This is considered to be the best choice because it is durable, stiff, and strong. The model constructed is similar to a “U” shape or a horse-shoe figure and is designed with two sets of rings for extra support on the finger. In space you might jam your finger which is caused by a direct hit to your fingertip and could cause tendon or ligament damage. This will result in finger pain, which will be very discomforting. You will need the reinforcement and support of a finger splint, luckily you can print one three-dimensionally!

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