The Space Safe Pillbox is a multipurpose medicine cabinet that protects drugs from exposure to space radiation and also helps the astronauts keep medicine organized. Astronauts risk cumulative radiation exposure from food and medicine on board, so these substances must have maximum protection while retaining their nutritional value. Making the container out of polyethylene, a material that shields radiation, helps prevent radiation sickness. The rounded lids (aqua) on top prevent medicine from getting exposed and the red slides on the flat edges act as a mini-airlock system also minimizing radiation exposure. Astronauts can fill each box with different medicines. For use, pull the slides three-quarters of the way out and let medicine float up, or turn the box upside down and the medicine will fall out. Then close the slide and take the lid off to remove medicine. Velcro can be used to keep pieces from floating away in zero gravity. The Space Safe Pillbox will make space travel safer.

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