On a three year trip to Mars, astronauts sleep strapped in so microgravity doesn’t cause them to float in their sleep. “Crew members frequently report back pain while in orbit and when they return to Earth. Physicians believe this is related to changes in the astronauts’ intervertebral discs.”(NASA). The intervertebral discs protect the spine while it bends over so they do not rub against each other. The microgravity in space causes the intervertebral discs to shift causing severe pain and restricting movement. This brace will help prevent the pains in the vertebrae by holding the neck in the right position. The astronauts can put this brace on when they sleep or at any time to keep their neck upright and comfortable. In space the astronauts can scale the brace to the size of their neck. There are 3 pieces to my model, each piece is detachable by screws being put in. They will be printed separately and connected in space. It will be made out of aluminum, a soft but sturdy metal.

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