In space, there is a lot of moving around and in zero gravity, your muscles shrink. This means you are more prone to injuries to your body. So I have designed a knee brace made of nylon to help soothe the pain found when you work in space for a long time. My design is a rectangle of nylon with a hole in the middle where the knee goes in. Then, there are straps with holes on one side and a piece of nylon on the other side to connect and put on the knee brace to the leg. You can adjust the tightness to your comfortable fit so it will be snug to your skin or clothes. The nylon is bendable so whatever you are doing, the knee brace will be secure and comfortable.The knee brace keeps the knee warm which prevents pain and injuries. It also supports your knee from any recent pain to keep you focused on the work you need to accomplishment. You need to work a lot getting prepared and when you finally reach space, so you can’t let knee pain slow you down.

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