The ankle brace is a great way to keep the astronauts safe from foot injuries. It is made of molded plastic uprights and a spring steel reinforcement. If the astronauts are worried about a sprained ankle on mars they can wear the brace to prevent the injury. When the astronauts put on the brace they can walk around freely without any risk of injury. The brace goes on your foot and halfway up you leg prevent most leg injuries. If for some reason there is an injury the brace can allow the astronaut that is injured to walk around safely, but just at a slower pace than before. In my research i found that over 50% of earth’s population sprains an ankle at one point in their life. The astronauts could become part of that and need my brace to help heal. If this device is not used and an astronaut would not be able to continue with the mission. As you can see you can use my device on the mars mission to help with injuries that may be sustained during the mission on mars.

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