On long space missions it's hard to exercise and keep your muscles in shape. Astronauts use straps attached to the spacecraft walls in order to keep them level while exercising. However, this doesn't really benefit them physically and only allows certain exercises. So I have created gloves and socks mimicking gecko hands and feet. I call this design Gekko and use a 3D printed cloth design as well as 3D printed magnetic material detailing. The detailing is based off of the way hands and feet put pressure on objects. These gloves and socks would allow the astronauts to do yoga or other exercises freely throughout the spacecraft. One main reason I wanted to create this was because the men and women aboard could easily get stressed out. Studies show that yoga can relieve stress and anxiety while keeping your body healthy, fit, and flexible. Also, these would be great for having more control of their movements if they need to walk about the cabin and feel more ¨down to Earth.¨

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