In space, gravity is limited to 0.000001%. One illness almost half of astronauts experience during space travel, is Space Adaptation Syndrome which is a condition where the human body reacts to weightlessness with motion sickness and nausea. The inhaling mask would help the astronaut breathe freely, and feel less nauseous. The model will consist of a face mask made of soft plastic, along with a soft plastic tube. Soft plastic would fit nicely on the astronauts face and would also be comfortable. The tube connects to a PET plastic box that they use to pump air manually. PET plastic is an abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate, the same material they use in water bottles. The astronauts can bring water bottles on board, drink them, then use the plastic for this model. This material would be easy to pump and could hold enough air in it for them to breathe.

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