The Multi-Purpose Tool is a useful device, which is similar to a pocket knife, except that it can be used in several different scenarios. This tool has built in scissors, a screwdriver, and even tweezers. It can easily fit in your pocket, once you push the tools into the tiny slots in the base of the object. This device can be used in a variety of scenarios, especially when it comes to dire emergencies. For example, if you need to slice a package open, you can use the razor aspect to easily rip it. If you need to cut something to a specific length, you can use the scissors to do just that. The Multi-Purpose Tool is mostly made of metals such as iron and steel. The metals help this tool stay in the same shape, which makes it extremely hard to bend. As long as the Multi-Purpose Tool isn’t exposed to a large amount of water, it should stay in great shape. Overall, this unique creation is exactly what astronauts need on this journey through space.

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