It may not look like much, but this device could help in the diagnosis of many diseases on a Mars mission. My design is based on an inexpensive paper centrifuge that is currently being tested in rural areas. The design is a twist on an ancient toy commonly called a whirlygig or button whirl. My adaptation works by removing the locking ring, and threading string through the two handles and the clear disk. Next, insert two 2" microhematocrit tubes filled with the patient’s blood into the holes in the sides of the disk (I have included example tubes, but medical grade tubes may work better). Lastly, the locking ring is snapped onto the disk to hold the tubes in place. To use the centrifuge, twist the string forward, and pull repeatedly on the handles. This easy to operate and assemble centrifuge could help diagnose life-threatening conditions such as vitamin deficiency, dehydration, or anemia; making it a necessity on the trip to the Red Planet.

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