In space astronauts’ bones become weaker due to the lack of gravity. The braces are to be placed on your wrists before any work starts and taken off when the work of the day is done. The braces help to keep your bones used to a bit of “pressure” while in space, which is very useful when it comes to keeping the bones strong, and avoiding their bones becoming brittle, but helping the bones is not all the brace does. While you work the braces will have a very small pin that will make an extremely small incision on your skin, the blood will then be put into a tiny glass tube. This will allow the blood to be tested to be ensured of the astronauts’ health. The braces are also very useful to saving time. There are two small clips on the side that can be buckled on the Palmar Carpal Ligament (upper part of your wrist). out. Multipurpose tools could be very useful because there are less things needed, but at the same time there are more things being done.

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