This thing would make an awesome travel brush,

assuming it comes with something to keep the head

covered from the suitcase goo that floats around in the

bag. The brush has what appears to be a syringe inside

with marks in cc’s. To dispense the toothpaste you twist

the bottom and the plunger is moved up squirting the paste

out directly onto the bristles, using precisely as much as

you want.It holds some of the paste, which will get you by

the touchy-feely TSA folks without having to throw it away.

The concept is called the Twist & Brush and comes from

Spanish designers Awamura-ganjavian. The coolest part is

that you can buy another tube of your toothpaste and refill

the dispenser rather than having to toss it out and buy a

completely new brush.The Twist & Brush an extremely

convenient accessory that largely benefits travelers due to

its size.

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