In space, astronauts will be jumping into the air to get around the space station. This is 3 years worth of injuries, anything could happen. What if you injured or hurt your knee? Well my knee brace will help fix that. It will be made out of all black rubbery fabric so that its soft and flexible so you're able to move around the space station. The brace will go through your leg up to your knee and will stay because of the hole and valcore. It will be easy to move around because the rubbery fabric material. The space station may provide valcore for my knee brace so it stays in place. The valore can either tighten or loosen on your leg/knee. This will be very useful because it's reusable, flexible, and soft. To make sure the astronauts will not be uncomfortable and won't have a broken or injured knee. My research says that knee braces are very useful for astronauts because they have to exercise for 2 hours a day and athletes use knee braces while they are exercising.

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