For the Mars Medical Challenge I designed medical tape. I think medical tape would do the astronauts very well in the 3 year trip they will be on. They could use it for burns, bone fractures, and scrapes. I feel it could be used as a cast or to keep bandages or wraps in place. With gravity being so low on Mars that the bones in one's body gets less dense. They could use the medical tape for anything that they really need it for, but could be very useful in the ways that are listed. This could keep things in place or to help things heal. I would like to see if it could be made out of Nylon because you want it to be a harder structure but flexible at the same time. It would hopefully last way longer than normal medical tools but still be just as great to use. I personally think it would get put to great use out in space especially with all of the chances of getting hurt could be. It might not be the best design out there but I think it would help a lot and could do things without pain.

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