The Flex Brace is an adjustable brace designed to serve as a preventative aid or a post-injury brace. The two semi-rigid, snap-in splint inserts stabilize the leg after an injury such as an Achilles tendon tear or tibia fracture. To decrease post-injury edema, compression can be achieved by using the compression closure setting. The removable shock-absorbing heel cushion protects one of the most often injured bones, the calcaneus. The cushion's auxetic design conforms to the heel thanks to its synclastic behavior and provides shock-absorption due to its negative Poisson’s ratio. An important feature of the Flex Brace is the use of portable PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency) devices, which help prevent bone loss and muscle atrophy and promote bone and tissue healing. The Flex Brace is designed to be comfortable to wear long-term thanks to its hexachiral honeycomb design, which is flexible and breathable. The brace is designed to be printed with TPE and support material.

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