A stethoscope is a good way to measure someone’s heartbeat and check if it’s normal or irregular. Doctors use them in normal checkups. It is good to keep track of someone’s heartbeat because irregular heartbeats can cause health problems like chest pain, lightheadedness, fainting, and dizziness. These cannot be ignored, so a stethoscope would be ideal up in space. There are 3 parts of the stethoscope, the chestpiece (the part someone places on the person’s chest), the tubing (the parts in black), and the binaural piece (the part that connects the tubing to the earpiece), and the earpiece. The chestpiece and the binaural piece would be made out of stainless steel, the tubing would be made out of latex rubber, and the earpiece would be made out of silicone rubber. The astronauts would use the stethoscope preferably at least once per day by using it on someone else and then cleaning the earbuds afterwards to prevent ear infections. This would repeat until everyone has been measured.

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