Long space travel in low gravity entails health issues such as headache, blurred vision and drop in blood pressure caused due to fluid transfer in body, or disruption in vestibular system. Timely readings can help with actions that reduce discomfort to astronauts. It also helps with gathering data for further research. The Multi-Sensor band, designed to be used in head and neck, can accommodate different sensors such as, temperature, pulse, or intracranial pressure simultaneously. Its four slots, two on front and two each on sides, can be used for inserting disc-shaped sensors. The band is adjustable, and is achieved by moving the side segments and tightening the screw. The band is measures 5.008 inch in diameter, expandable to 9.248 inch. It is 0.629 inches in height and 2.584 inches wide. The sensor slot is 0.286 inch x 0.34 inch x 0.202 inch. It is made of ABS Plastic for durability and flexibility. It is 100% 3D printable, but will use external disc-shaped sensors for function.

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