During a three year trip in space, astronauts will need the supplies that we need on earth. My design, a defibrillator, will save astronauts lives. Defibrillators help when your heartbeat is very slow. It works by placing the two pads on the person’s chest. You have to place one of the pads to the right of the heart and the other one under their heart.Then press the button to shock the person. When it shocks the person and then it puts their heartbeat back to normal. My defibrillator is a control box with two wires they are connected to the device that are also connected to small pads. The material of the control box and the pads are plastic.The wires material is rubber. There are some risks of defibrillators though, bruising, swelling, heart damage, etc. Nowadays defibrillators have been placed everywhere, schools, hospitals, restaurants, malls, etc. Defibrillators help save lives and I hope that it can save astronauts in space lives too.

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