For the trip, I’ve created a surgical stapler. The design is a rectangular box with a slope. The stapler can be used to close wounds, and help perform surgeries. The stapler can be made from a variety of different materials, from plastic, to steel. In space, a wound must be closed as soon as possible in the event of an emergency to continue muscle exercise and avoid floating blood. In Mars, if someone needed a wound closed, a small, and quick to print design would be very useful. In Mars, there is many dangerous obstacles awaiting for the astronauts on the red planet. Some of which can force a surgery in a short notice. The design is made in 4 parts, the pusher, casing, holder, and spring. These can be taken apart to be made back into the material it was made from for reuse. The staples can be removed with the pusher, forming to push the staple. Each staple is less than an inch long, so the staples can’t get in the way. When not in use, certain parts can be used as boxes for storage.

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