I made a product that you would be able to take on the Mission to Mars that can improve and help your health. This product is a needle-like figure that checks your cholesterol levels in your blood to make sure it's at a normal level. It's made out of plastic but the point for injection is metal. This item is similar to the needle for diabetes to check your blood sugar. When testing your cholesterol levels you have to jab the needle in your arm to get a sample of the blood. To jab the needle you would have to push the back of it where the button is so it can prick your arm. Then, you use the test strip to collect the blood on your arm so you can use it for data. You insert the test strip into the side of the needle where there is an opening and it will scan your blood for your cholesterol. If you have low cholesterol levels, you would have to eat fruits, grains, and vegetables for high fiber. If you have high cholesterol levels you would have to eat foods that contain protein in them.

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