For the Mars Medical Challenge I’ve created a Mars Medical Box that will be used to hold all of the important Medical essentials. Things such as medicine or medical tools. Using the Mars Medical Box these things will be easy to obtain , and nothing will be lost on the long journey to Mars. The Mars Medical Box is a 6’’ by 6’’ box. The box is red, and the drawer, that will be used to store all of the essentials, is all white. The drawer will slide at if the box with ease so you can be ready to store what you need to. Organization is a major key on the journey to Mars. Traveling millions of miles, keeping supplies and staying organized can be a big factor to getting to Mars. With no gravity the astronauts do not want the medicines to be floating around the spacecraft and hard to find when it’s needed the most. Very important medicine and tools will be on that spacecraft, and most likely there will be no replacements available. A Mars Medical Box will be a key factor in getting to Mars.

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