The cleaning scalpel will be the ultimate medical tool. Designed to be printed with a metal filament, the cleaning scalpel will do three jobs in one! This design consists of two sharp points. The on on the top is designed to cut the skin neatly, and is built in the proper way (when cutting skin, you can cut properly). The second point is for an alcohol covered cotton ball. When you are dragging down the knife, the alcohol cleans the area where the cut is needed.The blade then slices right along behind it. The third feature is that the blade is wide enough, so it will also split the skin for further work. This may eliminate clamp use for smaller wounds. Other features include a fitted grip, so the operators hands won't be as shaky, and a key chain hole, for convenience. Thanks to this scalpel, it will save time during operations, and even save lives. This could possibly be the most usable and necessary small item for astronauts to 3-D print in space.

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