My medical tool is a thermometer. Thermometers are used to determine the temperature of something. There is another thermometer on the gallery. I improved on my design to be easy to read and understand and not as sharp so no one gets hurt by accident. My thermometer will tell the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. My design has a black tip which is the part that determines the temperature. My design has a main body which consists of a smoothed out rectangular prism and a paraboloid at the front to hold the tip. A small chunk of the rectangular prism has been cut out to hold the piece that tells you the temperature of whatever you need to know the temperature of. There is a red button which turns the thermometer on or off while the blue button activates or resets the thermometer. My design is a electronic device so some editing may be needed to work properly. My design’s size, in order of length, width, then height, is 2*0.5*0.375. My design can be scaled up if need be.

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