I have created a cardiopulmonary rescue mask to take up into space. This device is used to safely deliver rescue breaths during a cardiac or respiratory arrest. This mask also comes with a built-in filter to keep stomach contents from expelling into the rescuer's mouth during CPR. The mask therefore prevents transmission of diseases from blood and body fluids to the rescuer. Since its 3D printable the astronauts will be able to print the mask when they get to space and have it on hand for a medical emergency that would require the use of the rescue mask. To use the mask you place the mask’s chin end (the wider end) between the patient’s lower lip and chin, ensuring that the mask covers the patient’s mouth. Lower the mask’s other end over the nose. Seal the mask with both hands without using excessive pressure. Then blow slowly only until the patient’s chest rises. Continue this process until the patient adequately starts to breath on their own.

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