The Mars Surgical Kit is a container for medical resources designed to counter issues found in space: reduced gravity and lethal radiation. One dish is intended to encase metal surgical utensils such as tweezers or scalpels. It will be made of lodestone so the tools will be magnetized to it and cannot be a hazard when weightless. The other dish will be made of lead and is designed to encase painkilling pills. The slab is to be placed atop the lead dish and made of the same material so that the radiation of deep space cannot warp the pills. The lead pieces will be stacked on the magnetizing lodestone so it meets the size constraint and is a rectangular prism. This shape makes it fit well in the compartments of the spacecraft to stop it from crashing down upon entering an atmosphere. In summary, less gravity and lethal radiation are two major issues of space travel but are addressed by the Mars Surgical Kit.

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