The pill sorte will organize all your medicines and pills. This will also limit the amount of pill bottles on the spaceship. This will also keep everything organized because our trip will have 0 gravity which may make your pills if mixed up that is why I made the pill sorter. This will also make use of space because there will be limited space for everything to fit so if everyone brought this box it could just take up one compartment. Another reason this is useful because if you store all the pills in one drawl they may be hard to separate with all the other passengers on board. In real life some people forget things so this will help to keep people healthy. This will be the device that affects your trip the most. These will be printed in space because this box can be made for each person so there doesn't need to be a lot of boxes. These boxes will have a pull lid so that it has easy access. It will also be 6 cm by 6cm so it will have easy storage.

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