Nowadays astronauts have to squeeze water through a straw onto their toothbrush, and to me that seems like a task, so I created a dental cleanser. My design is a small dental cleanser with a pod of water inside of it, there is a tube leading water to the bristles. You can control water flow with a syringe system I created, which helps cleanse your mouth. It is more than some toothbrush, in fact, I designed it after a dental instrument called the air/water tip, a basic dental tool that is needed in all dental offices. My design can flow water throughout your mouth in all desired locations using it’s manual mechanic that is similar to that of a syringe. It has the ability to suck the water in your mouth back in, not as fast as the air/water tip, but it has all of the capabilities as a toothbrush and an air/water tip. My product is helpful by automatically wetting your brush, but once you are done brushing you can fully cleanse your mouth just like that a professional dentist would.

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