Astronauts are at an increased risk of diabetes. This is where a medical device like the glucometer comes in. A glucometer measures your glucose count via your blood. According to Sharecare, it comes with 3 parts: the glucometer to read your sample, the testing strips to input your sample to the device, and the lancing device to prick your finger with. The glucometer has a horseshoe-shaped slot at the bottom for the testing strip to be inserted. It is made of numerous thermoplastics. The testing strips are made from polyester. The lancing device is composed of polyethylene. How does it work? To test your glucose count, you have to prick your finger with the lancing device and place the blood sample on a testing strip. This strip is inserted into the slot at the bottom of the glucometer, and the milligrams of glucose per deciliter will appear on the glucometer’s screen. Microgravity impacts metabolism, so the use of a glucometer can give astronauts plenty of information on their health.

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